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A locksmith provides the most convenient and efficient method for unlocking your vehicle when you leave your keys inside. A good locksmith can finish the job in under an hour. Call us now for a free quote.

Talk with your local vehicle dealership, AAA and other roadside emergency programs. You can probably get them to provide an emergency key that unlocks the doors and trunk.

Another method is to use a door stop (or wedge) and a long metal rod. Insert the wedge into the top of the door to make an opening. Place the rod into the opening and use it to push down on the unlock button of your car.

Warning: This looks sketchy and can be dangerous.

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It ended up costing about half of what it would have cost otherwise. The locksmith came out twice to check the car and gave me full support at an affordable price.
Tim Joseph
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I simply called them up and they were at my doorstep with all their tools. So, I did not have to make time to meet the locksmith somewhere during rush hour.
Sarah Peter
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My car was locked from the outside-in but then these guys came up with their services. They arrived quickly and performed the locksmith service at my discretion.
Ethan Woka
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